O2O Commerce BlockChain

CrosChain is a O2O Commerce block-chain enterprise. We develop and apply O2O Commerce block-chain Infrastructure and Dapps. the block-chain is the most useful technology in the sharing economy era. it makes the world happier and fairer. We believe in the future of the block-chain.

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The Sharing Economy

block-chain is a vital element of a shared economy platform. Block-Chain Technology is the key technology that really creates shared economies. CrosChain create a sharing economy and respect its value. Create a sharing economy world with a CrosChain

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Remarkable Teams

We have the best team to build block-chain technology. To the development and application of block-chain technologies, we have the best team. Our team is one of the best block-chain experts. We're open to all of the talent who care about the block-chain. Apply for the job.

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Croschain is a O2O Commerce block-chain expert

We develop O2O commerce block-chain platform. We develop and operate a range of O2O business models utilizing block-chain technologies. We believe that the block-chain technologies will improve our lives in a better direction.

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The Work Ethic

We're going to make the world a better place with the blockchain. I'm confident that block-chaining technology will make us more equal and happier. So let's make sure that block-chain technologies are used in good places.

James Jung

CrosChain Founder&CEO

About Block-Chain

The Block-Chain Technology

For those of you who are new to it, block-chain technology can be rather unfamiliar. We can realize a shared economy through the block chain. Block-chain can build secure online services and avoid double payment. The block-chain is the second Internet and is one of the most outstanding technologies to solve many problems.

The Testimonial

TheCroschain is a professional company that was founded with 10 years experience in the field of O2O. I think the Croschain will make a huge contribution to the evolution of the block chain. Always support and support cross chains.


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The best we can do

The Croschain Services

The areas in which we are researching and developing are as follows : We also plan to develop and operate various block-chain platform services based on the technologies we have developed. Let us introduce our service to you.


We develop an infrastructure that contains cryptocurrency that can be used in delio.io eco-system.


We develop and serve a variety of distributed apps that are readily available in the real economy.


We're developing a next generation blockchain infrastructure that's more than three generations old.


It's a solution to the Blockchain we created. It is available to all companies free of charge.


We want to use this technology to create a peer-to-peer economic ecosystem in the area of O2O.


Our aim is to become a business that contributes to society. Our goal is to make the world a better place to live.

The Block-Chain Consortium

The BOOC is the consortium for block-chain. It is a large consortium of manufacturers, O2O, e-commerce, logistics, solutions and Pintech companies. The BOOC consortium will be the forerunner of developing the block-chain O2O industry.

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We welcome anyone who would like to be with us. If you need us to make a business proposal, find a job, or promote yourself, please contact us at : We are always ready to be with you. Thank you.


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Seocho-gu, Seoul, Korea


Tel : 82+2+2088+2778
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Inquary : aarum@croschain.com
Recruit : recruit@croschain.com